Who we are

Medium for the sustainable transition in plastic industry.

Model for the activation of virtuous circular economy.


After decades of experience in the plastics sector, the engineer Filippo Dall’Amico, in 2012, founded the reality of laprima plastics in the aim to propose an alternative response to the final disposal of the massive amount of plastic residues derived from industrial production.

The company is based in the city of Isola Vicentina, a town located north of Vicenza, in Italy.

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laprima plastics was founded in 2012.

We process about 8000 tons of industrial plastic waste per year.

Production performance records 98% of regenerated materials reintroduced into the market, ready to be used in new production cycles.

The operating plant covers a total area of ​​16,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters are in covered area.

Human capital is organized into 21 internal resources: technical employees, professionals and highly qualified personnel for each operational area. We work together with multiple external figures in order to cover every role and aspect of the various areas of expertise.

A team that is always up-to-date and in continuous training.

From 2020, we actively collaborate with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padua, implementing our operational body with a scholarship in Research and Development of innovative materials and processes.


A project of industrial requalification 

Regeneration and enhancement define the philosophy and the company policy of laprima plastics, characterizing our constant commitment to sustainable transformation processes.

The operational headquarters is born from a disused industrial area: we did a requalification project of the previous HF site which, for long time, remained in a state of neglect and abandonment, in order to protect and preserve the territory, guaranteeing prosperity and well-being to the local community.

The site built around the sixties, was designed to host a textile business, which required, in addition to the expenditure of a large working area, the use of high-performance energy consumption connected to specific fire-fighting circuits and practices, properties that are ideal for recycling activities and for the types of processing connected to them.

The opportunity to recover an abandoned industrial site by taking advantage of appropriate spaces and adequate pre-existing services, has allowed laprima plastics to start its own business, preserving both economic and environmental consumption.

The current headquarters maintains the original architectural structure, characterized by the construction of a large area with double-curved prestressed concrete beams, today used for storage and warehousing.

The two massive hemispherical domes, built in reinforced concrete, each of 800 square meters, dominate the oriented surface of the industrial site. 

A first example of a particular building practice made with a single cast of reinforced concrete, inflated and raised by the air pressure inside, which make the building unique in its kind.

“Our production system has been developed for specific needs in order to capitalize  sustainable solutions and provide different destinations for those materials assigned to final waste disposal.”

Engineer, Filippo Dall’Amico

Co-Founder of laprima plastics

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