Sustainability for plastics

We consider plastic waste as sustainable value and opportunity, in order to make the realities that we collaborate with ever more competitive in the context of the preservation of environmental and production resources. We support the development and creation of products and artifacts through the compound of regenerated materials obtained through finishing processes, aiming to guarantee the right balance between production, consumption, profit and preservation of the ecological capital.

Circular Economy

Promoting circular economy is one of our main goals. This type of projects are new economic model of development and growth of productive realities, capable of guaranteeing economic advantages, continuity between production and consumption, preservation of environmental resources and social growth.
laprima plastics offers studies and consulting services for the planning, design and development of circular economy projects, consisting of the recovery of post-industrial waste materials up to the use of second-generation materials in new production cycles.



Through studies on the treated materials, we offer and validate strategies for a correct and prudent waste management, optimizing resources and processes, in order to identify any material that could be reintroduced into the production cycle, even in part, as well as obtaining and guaranteeing  second generation material suitable for the different applications required.

Validation and laboratory analysis

We have equipment and tools for processing accurate tests on polymers: from the analysis of the material composition, to the mechanical and thermal properties and molding tests, releasing detailed technical documentation for each examination carried out.


Development of new technologies

In order to push the companies that we work with more sustainable and increasingly competitive, we develop new production processes through the implementation of exclusive and specific technologies designed to meet certain needs, identifying targeted solutions for the enhancement of complex plastic waste and for the optimization of production and environmental resources.