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Less environmental impact, more natural and social capital.



Returning value to what the plastic industry produces in excess, to reduce the environmental impacts on ecosystems. 

We aim to ensure the right balance between natural resources, production, consumption, social growth and cultural promotion. 

laprima plastics generates profit starting from the realization of the collective well-being, promoting through its business an ecological and social ethic as value and benefit for all stakeholders. 

We consider plastic waste as a sustainable value and opportunity. Our business is born to give an alternative response to the final disposal of the massive amount of plastic residues resulting from industrial production. Promoting the recovery of industrial plastic waste and encouraging the use of regenerated plastic materials in production processes are among our primary goals.

We offer to companies which operate in plastics industry: solutions, strategies and consultancy for the management, recovery, recycling and finishing of thermoplastics and complex polymers, guaranteeing the supervision over the life cycle of each material (Life-Cycle Assessment ) and favoring the activation of circular economy, to reduce the environmental impact on ecosystems and seek the quality of future well-being.

laprima plastics takes part in two specific phases of the production chain: avoiding the final disposal, second generation ennobled materials are used in new production sequences.

Both are finalized to avoid the last segment of the life cycle of plastic products, which, classified as waste, are destined and treated in landfills or waste-to-energy plants, not representing any form of sustainable management as they involve a serious burden on natural capital.

laprima plastics operates to return value to what the plastic industry produces in excess, proposing recycling and ennobling solutions as sustainable opportunities, to ensure economic advantages, image benefits and preservation of environmental resources. 

We guarantee completeness to the recycling process, to identify the best strategies and solutions to obtain the highest degree of cleanliness and purity of second generation plastic materials, valid for being 100% reintegrated into new production processes.

For us it’s important to ensure a total transparency about the life cycle of the treated materials, starting from the analysis of the carbon footprint parameter to the green manufacturing processes, in order to provide products and services of exclusive ecological quality.

We work to ensure that the principle of sustainable development is a model capable of guaranteeing and responding to the current needs without compromising the quality of life and the possibilities of future generations.

Innovation and creativity are the image and approach of laprima plastics while dealing with problems and complexity, always managed with agile flexibility and quick inventiveness, both to be measured in new challenges and to be competitive towards the objectives to be conquered.



Our core business and driver: in the desire to make the sustainable development  – economic, environmental and social – a shared value, an ecological transition principle and a growth factor for all stakeholders.



In full awareness that trust, fairness and seriousness of purpose are the correct vehicles to determine the recognition of a company, we work for quality, transparency and efficiency in every phase of our activities: from the services offered to the business strategies applied to achieve the objectives.


A synergistic dialogue and proactive participation characterize the relationships with all stakeholders. We are committed to the activation of convergent collaborations capable of guaranteeing continuous assistance, responsible and mutual support, creating virtuous formulas of international multi-stakeholders and institutional partnerships.



Factor of excellence and competitiveness pursued to respond with dynamic and flexible capacity to market needs, through a well-equipped area dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge processes and technologies capable of satisfying purposes and goals. 



The principle and commitment of our company policy is the Corporate Social Responsibility: the inclusion of environmental, social and ethical aspects in all business activities, from corporate strategies to relations with all stakeholders. 



Our commitment to guaranteeing duties and rights to each stakeholder, expressed through the implementation of practical behaviors, ways of being and acting, consistent, transparent, authentic and loyal in order to protect and pursue universally recognized moral and legal standards.



Style and distinctive trait of the corporate image and reality, characterized by the ability to imagine the future through intuition and imagination and as an ability to identify competitive solutions and problem solving.

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We work to ensure that sustainability and ecological transition are a shared value and a process of change for all.

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