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NUOVE//LAPRIMA PLASTICS is pleased to announce that the works done by the artists, Jesse Darling, , during their program of residency at NUOVE//LAPRIMA PLASTICS will be presented at the Festival Veronetta, Art&City, a wide spread contemporary art event promoted by ArtVerona.

NUOVE//LAPRIMA PLASTICS chooses the spaces of the former Santa Marta military factory, now University of Verona - of which the recent renewal of the architect Massimo Carmassi realized with the section of IUAV Studi e Progetti, of Venice , has been elected winner of the fifth edition of the Premio Medaglia d'Oro for the Italian Architecture 2015.

The exhibition project presents a series of works by the artist Jesse Darling, who have interpreted and manipulated plastic
material, from industrial processing to everyday use and consumption. The different experiments conceived by the three artists derive from empirical studies and methodological inquiries on regeneration OF plastic materials and processes, obtained through the knowledge and technologies offered by LAPRIMA PLASTICS industry. Their character of unusual non-conformity, questions the drifts of artistic practice: it is means by notcomplying what is devoid of form, the manipulation exercised by artists on the various materials during the thermodynamic fusion phase of the different polymers, pushes the solid materials to be structured in liquid bodies, incapable of being fixed in the anatomical reading of their existence, they tend towards the unexplored dimension of the knowledge and of the sculptural practice, making impossible their own definition. In addition, it is not compliant with the classification of a specific material, which renders it unpaired to the use and applications within a given field, deeming its historical, social and political context to a very large extent. 

In dialogue with the works of the three artists, there is a video documentation created by Piero Matarrese,present in the collection of FONDAZIONE BONOTTO, by the artist Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor - born in Hungary in 1949, lives in Canada) founder of Neoism - artistic performance movement and experimental media practice, emerged in Canada at the end of the 70s - who created the exhibition and performance project "MADE IN ITALY" at the Sarenco-Club Art Gallery, in October 1998, in Verona. The series of works and documentation by Monty Cantsin were a source of inspiration for the artist Jesse Darling, during her residency at the Bonotto Foundation archive, from which has born the digital correspondence between the artist and the founder of the Foundation, Luigi Bonotto.