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LaPrima Plastics - Rigenerare materie plastiche

LaPrima Plastics Srl works on the regeneration of plastic waste provided us from plastic product companies, mainly “hard” thermoplastic polymers (provided from molding plants).

LaPrima Plastics was born with the idea of creating a new perspective for the recycling industry, focusing in particular on the polymers regeneration throughout several different state of the art processes. The vision and the business acumen of its founder lead us to develop and apply new technologies to the recycling industry, allowing LaPrima Plastics to find some space in important niche markets for regeneration.

Regeneration of industrial plastic waste
Development of new technologies
Enviromental improvements
Economic benefits


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a. Selection.
The first stage of processing is an accurate sorting and selection of materials to be grinded; in this way the material will be uniform for each type of polymer regenerated, also by color or further applications.

b. Volume Reduction.
The second working phase is a volume reduction, obtained by crushing plants. The result would be a consistent mesh of plastic small pieces ready to undergo the next phase.

c. Output.
Thought the last grinder, the previous mesh will be furthermore crushed, in order to get a thinner granular mesh ready to be sold. This grinded polymer could already be used as MPS (material for molding). Moreover, all the grinded plastic polymers in the MPS status can be reused in numerous production processes, simply by mixing them with other raw material; in this way the mechanical properties of the output will be the same.

Other applications: The grinded products could also be melted and extruded to obtain the granulate form of virgin material.

LaPrima Plastics - Riciclare materie prime
LaPrima Plastics - Rigenerazione materie plastiche

These products are present on the market as grinded PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA, divided by color or mixed. They comply with the rules defined in the International Regulation UNI 10668.

Production process

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LaPrima Plastics


New production cycle

New products ( obtained from plastic waste regeneration)