We work to ensure that sustainable development is a model capable of guaranteeing environmental quality, economic prosperity and social equity, for the well-being of current and future generations.


Thanks to innovative systems and patented technologies we work for the separation of the clean plastic fraction, through the sole use of ecological and non-polluting mechanical processes, used for the finishing of chromed, painted and multi-component molding thermoplastics, guaranteeing reliability, quality and transparency to the entire process. 



We have authorizations for the treatment, transport and intermediation of plastic waste. Through a reliable logistic network we collect the residues from industrial production, managing different types of polymers.

To make this operation more efficient we offer consultancy for the management of the first phases of selection, sorting, separation and cleaning of plastic materials ready for recovery.

Storage and collection are organized according to the availability of the parties, through specific forms issued by the transferor, under our careful verification.


Milling and Extrusion

Through our recycling system we obtain secondary raw materials to be used in new production cycles, the processing is divided into the following phases:


Cernita e una pulizia dei materiali, i quali vengono selezionati e suddivisi per tipologia e caratteristiche allo scopo di ottimizzare e omogeneizzare il processo di riciclo.


Per ottenere un macinato pulito e uniforme, i materiali vengono trattati da mulini macinatori e di triturazione in grado di ridurre il volume pari a una granulometria di 12, 14 mm.


Il reparto di tecnologie speciali è caratterizzato da processi innovativi e tecnologie brevettate da cui si ottengono materie plastiche, pulite e pure, completamente separate da altre componentistiche, quali verniciatura, cromatura o inserti ferrosi e metallici. I diversi materiali vengono puliti e suddivisi secondo le loro famiglie di appartenenza.

Miscelazione - granulazione

Il materiale viene omogeneizzato all’interno di miscelatori verticali, per poi essere lavorato tramite estrusori per fusione, al fine di ottenere materie di seconda generazione in forma di granuli secondo le schede tecniche MPS e le specifiche richieste.


A seconda delle esigenze, i materiali vengono etichettati e consegnati in big bags da 1200 kg montati su pallet di legno o in sacchi da 25 kg.


Sorting and cleaning of the materials, which are selected and divided by type and characteristics in order to optimize and homogenize the recycling process.


To obtain a clean and uniform ground, the materials are treated by grinding and shredding mills capable of reducing the volume equal to a grain size of 12, 14 mm.


The special technologies department is characterized by innovative processes and patented technologies from which clean and pure plastic materials are obtained, completely separated from other components, such as painting, chrome plating or ferrous and metal inserts. The different materials are cleaned and divided according to their categories.

Mixing - granulation

The material is homogenized inside vertical mixers, then processed using fusion extruders, in order to obtain second generation materials in the form of granules according to the  technical data sheets and the required specifications.


Depending on the needs, the materials are labeled and delivered in 1200 kg big bags mounted on wooden pallets or in 25 kg bags.


Environmental protection

In compliance with the law regulations in force, our recycling production systems use mechanical technologies and  non-polluting ecological processes that exclude the creation of waste water.



In full awareness that the promotion of social and cultural initiatives are determining factors for collective well-being and growth, laprima plastics is committed to promoting and supporting all those activities capable of stimulating interests and implementing relationships between the company, the territory and the community.

Authorizations and certifications